Dr Eliasu Mumuni


Dr Eliasu Mumuni has a PhD in Organizational and Development Communication from the University of Nottingham in the UK/Malaysia. He also holds a second PhD in Agricultural Extension from the North-West University, South Africa. He obtained his MA in Environmental Security and Livelihood Change from the University for Development Studies (UDS), Tamale and an MBA in Project and Strategic Management from the Paris Graduate School of Management (PGSM), Paris. He also holds a Certificate in Agricultural Engineering (Small Scale Mechanization) from Tsukuba International Center, Japan and a Higher National Diploma (HND) in Agricultural Engineering from Tamale Technical University.




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Faculty of Agribusiness and Communication Sciences
Department of Communication, Innovation and Technology
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FACS Room 13
Nyankpala Campus
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Teaching Interests

Development Support Communication (Health, Agric. & Emergency), Communication Regulation, Ethics & Law, Communication Policy, Semiotics and Discourse Analysis, Innovation and Technology Start-ups, Principles of Organisational Communication, Introduction to communication science and Research Methodology.




Research Interests

Transdisciplinary communication, organizational and development communication, innovation communication, knowledge management agricultural information and technology dissemination, rural livelihoods, agriculture and rural development.






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