University of Arkansas Interacts with UDS International

Some staff and students from the University of Arkansas in the United States have met with the International Relations Section of UDS to establish relations with the University. Their visit was also to discuss potential collaborations with UDS to expand the knowledge of students from the University concerning socio-economic development issues in Ghana.

The delegation was led by Caree Bantona, a professor of History and African American Studies with the University of Arkansas. She mentioned that the visit to Ghana was part of the University’s multidisciplinary programme, ‘Sanfoka Ghana Past and Future Study Abroad Programme’. She added that the programme aims at exposing students to the realities in Africa as well as practical exposure give them a practical experience of broader understanding of what is going on in other countries in terms of socio-economic development. Professor Bantona indicated that UDS was of interest to them because of its focus on development. She mentioned that collaboration with UDS will give students an idea of the social-economic development issues in Northern Ghana.

The Deputy Director of International Relations and Advancement of UDS, Dr. Courage said that UDS offers unique programmes that are in high demand by International students from America and Europe. Placing emphasis on the Third Trimester Field Practical Programme (TTFPP), Dr. Courage mentioned the programme would be a good avenue for students from the University to gain experience. “The University always looks forward to partnering with Universities to promote student exchange programmes”, Dr. Courage said.

UDS Hosts Third Edition of The Ghana-Norway Summer School

The University for Development Studies (UDS) is hosting the 2018 edition of the Ghana-Norway Summer School in Diagnostic Imaging and Radiotherapy on its Tamale Campus. The School which has been running since 2016 is being held in Northern Ghana for the first time. It is an initiative of the Norwegian Partnership Programme for Global Academic Cooperation (NORPART), which aims to establish a partnership for education and research within the fields of Medical Physics, Radiation Protection and Radiography. Participants include students and practitioners of Medical Physics or Radiography from America, as well as countries across Africa and Europe. The theme for the week-long event is “ Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Ultrasound and X-ray Imaging ”.

The Vice-Chancellor of UDS, Professor Gabriel Ayum Teye in a speech delivered on his behalf by the Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University mentioned that UDS is pleased to host the Summer School because of its potential ability to address the challenge of inadequate radiographers in Ghana. He added that plans are underway by the University to mount undergraduate and graduate programmes in the areas of Medical Physics and Radiography. The Vice-Chancellor expressed the hope that, the University’s collaboration with the NORPART project would further strengthen the ability of UDS to fulfill the necessary requirements in order to begin running the programmes. He assured the organisers of the Summer School the University’s full support.

The Coordinators of the Ghana-Norway Partnership Project, Professor Pål Erik Goa (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway) and Professor John Justice Fletcher (University for Development Studies, Ghana) expressed gratitude to UDS for choosing to host the Summer School project in Northern Ghana. They advised the participants to actively engage in the interactions that would take place during the Summer School and to network with other participants. They equally encouraged the participants to take advantage of the Student Exchange Programme sponsored by NORPART, which gives students studying fields within Medical Physics and Radiography and related programmes, the opportunity to complete part of their thesis in Norway.

The Dean of the Graduate School of Nuclear and Allied Sciences of the University of Ghana, Professor Yaw Serfor-Armah assured the participants they will be exposed to experienced academics and clinical staff from partner institutions in Ghana and Norway who will be ready to teach and interact with them. He expressed optimism that the NORPART project would assist in building the needed human resource to push the agenda of sound Diagnostic radiology, Nuclear medicine and Radiotherapy services in Ghana and Africa.

The Summer School will run till Friday, June 29, 2018.

Source: University Relations

Foundation Registrar of UDS Delivers Silver Jubilee Lecture

On Thursday, May, 31, 2018, the University for Development Studies (UDS) held its 25th Anniversary Public Lecture. The Lecture took place at the Dr. Andani Andan Academic Board Chamber, Tamale Campus and was delivered by the Foundation Registrar of UDS, Dr. Paul Effah. His speech centered on the theme for the Anniversary Celebrations, UDS@25: Impact on National Development through Practical Higher Education.

In the lecture, Dr. Effah highlighted the major events leading to the establishment of UDS. He noted that UDS was born out of the new thinking on higher education which emphasises the need for universities to play a more active role in addressing problems of society, particularly in the rural areas. He said it was this ideology that shaped the mission and focus of the University. Using the framework provided by Salmi (2010) on common errors made when building a New World-class University, Dr. Effah assessed the establishment of the University against the common errors identified by Salmi (2010). Based on the assessment, he established that UDS was able to avoid a majority of the common errors.

On the University’s impact on National Development, Dr. Effah stated that UDS has primarily brought university education to the doorstep of the people of Northern Ghana, automatically producing graduates working in public and private organisations throughout the country to affect positively the lives of people. He added that the University through its Third Trimester Field Practical Programme (TTFPP) has made significant contributions to community development, particularly by building the capacity of both the students and community members, as well as providing worthy research material for development organisations. He also acknowledged the contribution of the UDS School of Medicine and Allied Health Sciences to health care in Northern Ghana.

Dr Effah concluded his lecture by charging the University community to use the Silver Jubilee celebrations as an opportunity to reflect on what the University has achieved and to explore new insights that would make UDS one of the best developmental Universities in Africa. He said the University would need to become more innovative so as to be able to survive the 21st century challenges. He advised the University not to abandon its focus on practically-oriented, problem-solving and student-centered approaches in its quest to become one of the best Universities in Africa.

Wa UDS deploys over 6000 students for field practical programme

Walewale Senior High Technical School wins UDS@25 Quiz Competition

Walewale Senior High Technical School has emerged winner of the acclaimed Ghanaian quiz competition “What do You Know?”. The competition which was held at the Dr. Andani Andan Academic Board Chamber was part of activities to mark the 25th Anniversary of the University for Development Studies (UDS). The participating schools were drawn from second cycle institutions within Northern Ghana, including Walewale Senior High Technical School (Northern Region), Nandom Senior High School (Upper West Region) and Notre Dame Seminary Senior High School (Upper East Region).

Walewale Senior High Technical School received a cash prize of GH₵ 1,500.00 for placing first, Nandom Senior High School received GH₵ 1,000.00 for placing second and Notre Dame Senior High School received GH₵800.00 for placing third. The schools were given Certificates of Participation in addition to their cash prizes.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor of UDS, Professor Seidu Al-hassan congratulated the students on their participation and entreated them to see the competition as an avenue to learn about the development of education in Ghana.