Faculty of Mathematical Sciences

The Faculty offers the following Programmes;


  • 4-Year BSc (Actuarial Science)
  • 4-Year BSc (Computer Science)
  • 4-Year BSc (Financial Mathematics)
  • 4-Year BSc (Mathematical Science (Mathematics Option))
  • 4-Year BSc (Mathematical Science (Statistics Option))
  • 4-Year BSc (Mathematics-With-Economics)
  • 4-Year BSc (Accounting-With-Computing)
  • 4-Year BSc (Information Technology)
  • 4-Year BEd (Mathematical Sciences)
  • 2-Year Diploma in Statistics
  • 2-Year Diploma in Computer Science
  • Bridging Science Programme
    • Candidates may apply for a six-week bridging programme to prepare them for admission into the University’s Mathematics and Science-based degree programmes at the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences, Navrongo Campus.
    • Preference will be given to female students from disadvantaged schools.

The Bridging Programme is a residential fee-paying programme at the Navrongo Campus.

Sandwich Post-graduate

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Applied Statistics
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Data Management
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics

Full-time Post-graduate

  • M.Sc./Ph.D. in Applied Statistics
  • M.Sc./Ph.D. in Mathematics/Computational Mathematics
  • M.Sc./Ph.D. in Biometry