UDS Alumni Fund (UNIDEVFund)

Launched on 30th May 2012, the UNIDEVFund is setup by the Alumni of UDS and is supported by the members of the UDS Alumni Association. It however does not exclude civil society and also benevolent donors like corporate society and organizations. The UNIDEVFund is also setup in pursuance of Article 2 (h) of the University for Development Studies Alumni Association Constitution. The Fund initiative has been mooted to help in the speedy development of the programmes and infrastructural needs of the various campuses of the University. It is expected that the academic and research needs of the various Faculties, Schools and Centers will be considered for support.

This UNIDEVFund is a Non-profit Organization with the interest of promoting growth of the University for Development Studies. It is governed by a nine (9) member Management Board made up of representatives of Corporate Ghana, Alumni and University Management.


The aim of the UNIDEVFund shall be to mobilize financial and material resources for the total development of the University for Development Studies.


The UNIDEVFund shall have but not only limited to the following objectives;

  1. To help mobilize financial resources to assist in both human and physical infrastructure development of the University,
  2. To mobilize material resources for the promotion of teaching and learning in the University,
  3. To mobilize and assist both Faculty and students (needy but brilliant) with the needed support for intellectual capacity development,
  4. To encourage investors to undertake projects on campuses of the University to promote growth in academic and infrastructural needs and,
  5. Assist in the publicity of the University and its programmes especially through its fund raising activities.

UNIDEVFund Management Board

The scheme shall be administered by the Alumni President with the direction of the Management Board which shall be made up of the following;

  • Corporate/Civil Society Representative - Chairman
  • UDS National Alumni President – Member
  • University Management Representative - Member
  • UDS Finance Officer - Member
  • Corporate Society Member - Member
  • UDS National Alumni Secretary - Member
  • UDS Alumni Representative (Northern Sector) - Member
  • UDS Alumni Representative (Southern Sector) - Member
  • Fund Manager - Member/Secretary

Sources of Funds and Support

It is expected that the UNIDEVFund would raise financial and material support from the following;

Individual Alumni Members Donations Chapters of Alumni Association Donations Corporate Society Donations Proposal writing for sourcing funds and support Civil Society Donations Levies (transcript and congregation) Others (banquet/dinner dance, etc).

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Name of Account: UDS UNIDEVFund
Account No.: 100-0800-5868-01
Bank: National Investment Bank
Branch: Tamale, Ghana



National Alumni President
University for Development Studies
Room 064, East Wing
Central Administration Block
P. O. Box TL 1350
Tamale – Ghana
+233 (0372)091786