Research Focus

Peace Building and Conflict Management

Peace and development are intrinsically inter-twined. Given that peace is the main ingredient for socio-economic development, the centre conducts evidence -based research in this discipline for advocacy to inform policy formulation.

Culture and endogenous knowledge system

The centre recognizes the imperative role of indigenous knowledge systems in sustainable community development. We therefore conduct research into this area so as to establish the missing link between culture and development in the contemporary society. Main-streaming the evidence from research into socio-economic development using the cultural imperatives is our prime object in this direction.

Health Economics and Social Protection

There is ample evidence between health and productivity. Good health leads to increase productivity and social protection promotes quality of life and economic empowerment of vulnerable groups. Our research in this domain provides the evidence using economic principles to promote health and economic development.

Gender and Development

Gender main-streaming is an integral part of the University’s strategic plan. In pursuit of this thinking, the centre conducts research in the domain of Gender empowerment and development.

Academic Programmes

As part of its contribution to the mission and philosophy of the university, the Centre runs a career oriented higher degree programmes and short capacity building courses in the following areas:

  • MA in Environmental Security and Livelihood Change
  • MA in Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO) Management and Rural Development.

Up-coming Courses

  • Peace Building and Conflict Management.
  • Health Economics and Social Protection.

Short Courses

  • Research Methods and Proposal writing.
  • Project Management.
  • Accounting  for Non-professionals.

Linkages and Collaboration

Internally, there is collaboration between the centre and the academic faculties in the areas of research and teaching. Also, the centre collaborates with local and international NGOs, MDAs, CBOs and FBOs in research and training for sustainable development. The Centre collaborates with Tamale Institute of Cross Cultural Studies (TICCS) in the areas of cross cultural research, teaching and learning. The Centre also has a long Standing Collaboration with the Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation and a host of NGOs in Northern Ghana