University of Arkansas Interacts with UDS International

Some staff and students from the University of Arkansas in the United States have met with the International Relations Section of UDS to establish relations with the University. Their visit was also to discuss potential collaborations with UDS to expand the knowledge of students from the University concerning socio-economic development issues in Ghana.

The delegation was led by Caree Bantona, a professor of History and African American Studies with the University of Arkansas. She mentioned that the visit to Ghana was part of the University’s multidisciplinary programme, ‘Sanfoka Ghana Past and Future Study Abroad Programme’. She added that the programme aims at exposing students to the realities in Africa as well as practical exposure give them a practical experience of broader understanding of what is going on in other countries in terms of socio-economic development. Professor Bantona indicated that UDS was of interest to them because of its focus on development. She mentioned that collaboration with UDS will give students an idea of the social-economic development issues in Northern Ghana.

The Deputy Director of International Relations and Advancement of UDS, Dr. Courage said that UDS offers unique programmes that are in high demand by International students from America and Europe. Placing emphasis on the Third Trimester Field Practical Programme (TTFPP), Dr. Courage mentioned the programme would be a good avenue for students from the University to gain experience. “The University always looks forward to partnering with Universities to promote student exchange programmes”, Dr. Courage said.