Faculties & Schools

Faculty of Agribusiness and Communication Sciences

The Faculty of Agribusiness and Communication Sciences (FACS) is located at Nyankpala Campus, about twenty kilometres west of Tamale. It is the newest of the three Faculties at the Campus and was borne out of the Faculty of Agriculture (FoA) in the 2009/10 academic year in response to the current global and national focus on agribusiness and agro-industry as well as communication as important growth tools in the economies of nations. The Faculty is closely linked to the Faculty of Agriculture in teaching, research and outreach programmes. Agribusiness is one of the major policy areas of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture hence the programme intends to produce graduates that will help bring this policy to realisation.

The Faculty offers the following Programmes;


  • 4-Year BSc Agribusiness
    • Agricultural & Resource Economics
    • Agribusiness Management & Finance
    • Agricultural Extension
    • Rural Development & Gender Studies
    • Climate Change and Food Security
  • 4-Year BSc Social Change Communication
  • 2-Year Diploma in Social Change Communication

Sandwich Post-graduate

M.Sc./M.Phil. in Agricultural Economics

Full-time Post-graduate

  • M.Sc./M.Phil./Ph.D. in Innovation Communication
  • M.Sc./M.Phil./Ph.D. in Agricultural Economics